09 Wr450 Vs 08

N00B question here.... I browsed but didn't find an answer so I apologize if this thread is redundant.

I'm close to pulling the trigger on a new WR450F. I can get a 2009 model for $600 more than a new leftover '08. Was there any change in the bike between '08 and '09? I'll keep the bike at least 4 or 5 years so I don't see the resale making too much of a difference, so if there's no real difference between the bikes I'm thinking the 08 might make more sense.

I've always been a Honda guy... I've had a whole series of Honda motorcycles (mainly streetbikes, I'm a bit of a dirt rookie) and this will be my first "non-Honda"... From what I've read though the WR should be every bit as good for what I'm using it for, and in some ways better, and going for about 2 grand less where I live.

So... '08 or '09 with a price difference of $600?


No significant difference between the two years. In your case, since resale value is not a concern it would make more sense to save the $600. Those $600 can be used for goodies you'll need for the bike, such as handguards, jets/needle, yz throttle stop, AIS removal kit or some JB weld, radiator guards, tires(stock tires are crap and won't last long), skid plate, exhaust baffle, oil, etc... You might also find that you'll want to change the stock suspension springs, depending on your weight and riding needs. Don't worry about switching brands, you'll find the yamaha to be a GREAT bike.

Save your money. Same bike - different graphics. Both great bikes!

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