Chain recommendations

I have read and heard about the cheap chains Yamaha puts on their bikes and I do not want to take a chance on it breaking while miles from van. Can anybody here recommend a bood chain to replace stock one? I'm not sure If I should go with a o-ring or regular chain. I replaced my stock chain on my 00 DRZ400 with a gold RK chain with a tensile strength of 900. I'm not quite sure about the #'s. I only have 35 miles on bike so I would like to change it soon before wear pattern sets in. Thanks.

The WR chains are plenty strong and should last you a long time when maintained properly. I would go with another O-ring chain when you do decide it's time to replace the stock unit.

Replace it immediately ! I broke mine at 45 miles. I put on an RK o-ring just because it was the only one available in BF Kentucky. I am thinking about the sidewinder. I've heard alot of flak about them, they are very $$ but I just want a TI chain :):D :D

DID X-ring, or another x-ring. The x-ring is SUPPOSED to be superior to an o-ring.

I had the same chain on my 426 almost 2 years and alot of miles and never had a problem...

Stock chain and sprockets lasted two seasons for me. Did Yamaha switch suppliers on the 450??? :)

DID X-ring. Best one I have owned. You will not be adjusting the chain as much. I have the Moose regina on my 426. It looks like it is a year old and has only been around the yard. rusty junker. The DID stays looing good too. I will stick with the DID X-ring. ---Mike

I would like to hear more from jonesy920 on how his chain broke because contrary to the magazine reports the stock chain is one of the best you can buy. Unless Yamaha has changed and it does not appear that way on my bike the stock chain is an DID x-ring. I have run this chain on all my dirt, street and road race bikes since 1997.

I have tried them all and have not found one chain to last as long as the DID x-ring endurance model for road race bikes. This 520 chain will work fine on any application you can come up with. I ran this chain the entire road race season last year on a GSXR1000 and it was still like new.

Wow! I am impressed. I am going out to look at my chain. I never even cosiderd they would put one on there. I am used to seeing them with gold plates.---Mike

I'm not sure if the stock WR450 chain is the same as the ones used on the 02 models but I've noticed my 03 hasn't stretched nearly as much as my 02 did. I have no complaints with durability from the stock chain.


I probably need to be more specific. I mentioned in some other posts that a case bolt vibrated loose and some how went between the chain and front sprocket. I inspected the chain and found no visible damage. I was wrong. WHen it finally broke 40miles later I found at least 50 links with cracks in them. Yes the chain broke but with further inspection I believe it was from the initial stress. Sorry if I missled anyone.

Without a doubt, Regina makes the best 0-ring chain I've ever used. My vote is the Regina ORN model. We have countless Baja races on these chains and after the initial stretch with new chain and sprockets, we don't have a chain adjustment problem during a 1000 mile plus race. We have used them on KX 500's and our WR 426F. These chains are amazing.

Utvols, I have not heard of an x-ring chain. What is the difference between an o-ring and an x-ring? How can I tell if my WR450 has an x-ring on it? :)

I went with the Sidewinder trimetal o-ring chain and rear sprocket (52 tooth). I've heard you will wear out the bike before replacing the chain plus it weighs a lot less than stock.

I was thinking about going up 1 tooth, Is a 52 working out well ? I weight 215 ungeared.


A X-ring is very similar in nature to a O-Ring. The only difference is the X-ring has little grooves cut into the sides of the O-rings all the way around.

(did I explain that well enough)? :D

BTW: Thats the only chain I will ever buy again too. DID 520 Xring. :)

About as well as I could. The x-ring is DID's patented version of an o-ring set up. X-ring aside I still stand by my earlier statement that they make the best chains. Picking a good chain amounts to getting what you pay for. There are alot of new chains and sprockets out there and someone probally makes something better but I tend to be set in my ways when something works well.

I would definately chalk Jonesy's problems up to his bolt rattling around the chain and sprocket before disapearing on the trail.

On my 01 WR426 I ran the stock chain into the ground, it lasted longer than a top-end rebuild after 2 complete years of long distance desert racing. I was really happy with it. I've heard that one of the magazines bagged on the 03 stocker chains, but I have over 200 miles on the new bike and the chain looks good so far.. So, the question remains-Do the 03's come with a different chain than the 02's? :)

I have almost 3000 hard dirt miles on my 01 wr426 and the stock chain and sprockets are still hangen in there. I also switch between 13 and 14 t counter. I also havent owened a can of chain lube in almost 10 years! WD-40 only, Go Figure!

The DID X RING chain is not as wide as some other O ring chains And doesnt seam to have as much friction as others.

I put one on my kids 03 YZ 250f.



I like the O-Ring type chains and dont mind the full friction. I have yet to see anyone dyno a bike and see a difference between a non O-ring and an O-ring chain. I think it is minimal. :)

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