Chain recommendations

I have more than 10000km (6250ml) on my 02 chain.

I now have about 400km on my stock 03 WR chain, and after the last ride noticed it slapping away, it is certainly starting to stretch, but I guess by how much is the question. It doesn't look like it will last more than anther 500km or so. Then I too will be in the DID x ring market ... :) expensive :D

I noticed on my second chain I got recently for my SuperMoto rims that when you put new chain it initially stretches a little bit. I guess it breaks in or something...

anyone use the RK x ring chains? Thanks :)

I got the RK x-ring because it was the only chain I could get when mine broke onthe trail. It is OK but shows rust . I prefer the DID gold I had on my 250

I had RK oring chain on my xr and it stretched for about 5000km. BTW original 2002 wr chain is did x-ring.

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