To grease or not to grease???

OK, so lately I have heard a lot of people saying that since air filters are so good these days that it is not really important to grease the edges of the filters anymore. I also just read this in Motocross mag today. Any input on this idea. Has anybody not greased lately?


I have run 3 different filters in my BRP: Stock, UNI without the frame, and UNI with the frame. I always greased the filters that used the stock backfire screen. But since I got the UNI that comes with the Al frame I have stopped.

I use No-Toil and love that stuff, and my feeling is that with the extra layer of foam that makes the frame retainer the edges are stuffed with SO much foam pressing on the fairly wide edge of the UNI frame that "dusting" my engine does not seem likely.

I have been riding in the semi-desert dust bowl known as Pueblo and have not seen any sign that dust is getting in the air box.

My $.02 on this is with the UNI filter that comes with the support frame you can get away without greasing the rim.


I use the NoToil also. It almost makes cleaning the filter fun. Well not really but definetely easier. I also use the AL frame that comes with the Uni-Filter. I will give the no-grease idea a shot and see what happens. Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

My opinion:

A little grease is very cheap insurance. No Toil makes a filter grease that is easy to apply and easy to clean. Riding in the dust of Baja I would be a little leary of running without grease.

Do I agree with Ryan here? I guess he's right. Why take a chance in a little dirt/dust reducing the life of your engine from passing thru the edges of the filter...possibly. Take it out of the equation, and grease it anyway, for safety's sake.

I actually know sunny and have had to clean his air filter...stop whining about the great KAK and smear it always make me do the dirty work anyway :)

I will be greasing for now on myself. May issue of dirt rider mag has a article about air filters and makes not of the BRP filter and they also say dirt will get in. It makes some good points.

The No Toil system rocks in my opinion. I use the No toil grease as a precaution, and it all disolves away in no time when you clean the filter. I then use the No Toil solution to wash the inside of the side panal and around the rim of the air box. Works slick and there is no muss or fuss.

CaboKid, I see you play sax. We should start Band! Call it the BRP Blues Band :D Of course, I don't have any Blues when I'm riding my Pig...It ROCKS! :)


After reading Motocross magazine (the BRP is not an MX'er) read the May Dirt Rider. There is an article about maintaining air filters on specific bikes. The BRP is included and they say it is 100% necessary to grease the filter or buy a PC racing Pro Seal.


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