Thanks for the link, Adam.

Not too sure about re-routing that hose to the airbox, though. Everyone on TT recommends putting in a T instead. I wouldn't want the oil that blows out of that hose filling up the airbox. :)

I thought the same thing. Interesting that they didn't change the jetting...

Whats this T your talking about. I though the excate same thing, why would I want all that oil blowing in my air box. What a mess it would make.

I would like to know about the T also.THANKS!!!

What I have read in the past with this mod is you add a T adapter that fits the vent hose in order to add a second route of fresh air. You cut the host at some point and install the T and then run an extra line of vent hose to the airbox. This way, the oil runs down (and out the bottom) like it normally would but in the event of stalling in a water crossing it would suck air through the airbox. I haven't done this mod...just read about it. :)

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