YZ450 or a YZ250?

So I'm selling my 01 YZ125 to a friend of mine in Oct, and want to get something with more balls. I really want a 250/300 XC but I've found a tonne of barely used 07/08 YZ250's, and 450F's for sale locally for dirt cheap due to the recession and all (Oil country out here not doing so well) I'm used to riding a 2 stroke, but I must admit I'm really being pulled to the dark side after riding some 450F's...they seem to make everything easy due to the torque. I'm a pretty agressive rider- Woods, and jumping (50ft + tables etc...) but I don't race at all. What can ya'll tell me? I'm also pretty mechanically enclined, so maintanence on a 4 stroke doesn't scare me.

I have owned/ridden/raced both and I prefer the broad power of the 450F. Yes, the 2T is lighter and a little more nimble in the woods but IMO the smooth tractable power of the 450F makes it easier to ride in the woods.

My son rides an '02 YZ250 and we switch off every now and then when riding and it usually results in both of us wanting back on our own bikes!

If you like the broad power of a YZ450 OR the best 2-stroke motor around (the YZ250), you will hate the KTM XC300. It is absolutely gutless in the midrange. Granted I was riding all 3 on motocross tracks but if you plan to jump at all do not plan on jumping the XC300 for the lack of mid-range prevents the bike from stabilizing itself on the ramps. However, the XC is the fastest of the 3 if you can keep it on the pipe (which is impossible). Think of the XC as a woods only bike and you will be ok with it.

I owned all 3 at once so I would bring them all to the track on the same day and compare. Yamaha rules. Not even close.


i own an 02 yz250 and an 04 yz450f and like them both but... i am way faster on the 450 and can last longer. the snap of the 250 and its' handling is great but i think the smooth power of the 450 is a greater advantage. the 450 is just as fast-- you just have to twist the throttle further to get it.

for me, the 450 is a much better bike. starts easier, idles quietly, doesn't smoke, and doesn't require jetting changes every 20 degrees. either way, both are very very fast bikes and can be set up to handle sweetly.

I have a YZ400F and a CR250R. Enjoy riding both. They are however two quite different bikes. The YZ400F is definitiely better in the tight stuff and easier to ride due to the broad torquey power spread, the CR is better in the fast open areas.

I've owned an '07 YZ250 and now an '08 YZ450.

The 2-stroke is better in tight woods.

The 450 is better on big hills & out in wide open terrain.

Keep in mind you are asking this question in the yz450f forum. I am giving serious thought to going to a 2010 yz250. Why? First in alot of the woods races we do around the se I think it is hard to beat the light feel of a two stroke. Let things open up and a 450f can eat it up. On a track, the 450 for sure. I am going to do the gncc's next year and it is really a tough call. They have a little of everything. People are going back to the two stroke for the ease of maintenance, light weight and now the novelty. I think there is a good chance that the 2010 yz250 may be the last year you can buy one.

I posed this same question to a yamaha off road factory rider who I will not name yesterday in a e mail. 450f, 250f or 250 2t if he had to make a choice for all around off road riding. You guys might not like the answer but it was a yz250 2st hands down. Don't get me wrong, I currently ride a 08 yz450 and love it. But next time around I am seriously thinking 2 stroke.

Jason Raines has recently been riding a YZ250 2-stroke.

Its not just the lightweight & agility that make the smoker better for tight woods. I think the motor is better, as well.

As far as the engines go, a 2 stroke or 4 stroke will take you where you want to go. You will just have to work the controls.

Big difference though, is in weight and suspension. The lighter two strokes will feel great when tossing it from side to side. If you are a slow racer like me who spends way too much time out on the course, then the lighter weight will be nice

However, faster and more agressive riders will enjoy the plush suspension of the heavier 4 strokes. You'll hold your line a lot better and roll over stuff like its not even there.

Why not just try the 4 stroke for a while. Get it and then enjoy it for what it is. Its not like this will be the last bike you'll ever own, is it?

If you are agressive go with the 450.

If you are agressive go with the 450.

I would say the opposite :/

I would say the opposite :/

x2, the 450 lets you lug if you want, the 250 pinger will be less forgiving of that.

x2, the 450 lets you lug if you want, the 250 pinger will be less forgiving of that.

Yes... you can lug the 4 strokes and its nice :thumbsup:

but the people who complain about the weight of the 450's are the ones going slower. I know because I am a guy who sometimes complains!

the slower you go, the more you'll feel the weight.

I have owned all three 05YZ250, 06YZ450F and 03KTM300 exc and my favorite was the 450 hand down. I loved that bike. I never felt the weight issue with any, in fact, the 450 felt lighter to me than the other bikes. The KTM felt like a turd and turned like a turd but the brakes and clutch were phenominal.

I liked the 250 in the desert, for some reason it was easier to ride going up tight trails. The 450 was a much better track bike which I rode 95% of the time.

I recently just bought another 05 YZ250 because I got it dirt cheap ($1,700) but it needed some work.

For motocross on a big wide open track, I like my 06 YZ450. If it is a tight and/ or muddy track, my 250 is the best. Too bad I can't have the both in one!

Again, the whole easier to lug thing really depends on where you're riding.

If you mean on open terrain or on an MX track, then yes the 450 will let you do things like lug a gear too high through a corner, but still pull hard.

On the other hand, if you're snaking through some really tight trees, the 250 will let you get away with running a gear high without the risk of flaming out.

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