Hand guards

I was just wondering what kind of handguards I should get. I have had a set of acerbis rally pro, but they twisted like a wet noodle and the plastic was to hard and would break. I also have had a set of enduro engenering and they were not bad. How are those cycra probends with the triple clamp mount. Has anybody tried the probends and triple clampmounts that yamaha offers or are they too expensive.

triple clamp mount

the triple clamp mounts are nice.

I've been running the pro-bends since i got my bike and have held up great! Saved my hands a few times!!!worth the money!

I installed the Cycra Pro Bends with the help and pictures from this group. I used the bar mounts, not the triple clamp mounts and I can tell you it is crowded. I needed a rattail file to file the throttle side mount for the little extra clearance needed to make sure the throttle would not stick. I think if I were to do it all over again, I'd try the triple clamp mount.

How are those cycra probends with the triple clamp mount.

Fastway Racing has some really beefy looking mounts. They are like the Cycra's but with additional ribbing and material to prevent twisting.

In a hard fall the GYT-R and Cycra mounts can twist a bit. Not a huge deal, they are easily straightened in a vise, and it takes a relatively violent impact to bend the mounts enough to substantially alter the guard placement, but the Fastway mounts look almost bullet proof (I have a pair but haven't installed them yet, you do need longer pinch bolts...).

Fastway Triple Clamp Mounts

SRC also makes Triple Clamp Mounts now:

SRC Brushguard Page

Here's a link to the Cycra mounts:

Cycra Triple Clamp Mounts

I'd take any of the above over the traditional inner bar mounts any day.

I like the enduro egineering hand guards. They are very sturdy and look good on the bike. I have had them on my bike for 3 years now and still straight as can be.

If you really want to know what handguards are best you need to ask the XR650R group. Your little sissy Yamaha's don't have the "girth" necessary to bend guards.

I'm using Moose guards, (made by EE), with a triple clamp mount that seems to hold up well.

Right... If they make it, I can bend it! :)

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