Received Green Sticker for my WR 450!

I could not believe my eyes, my green sticker came in today with my registration and a little insert of a explanation of why bikes w/ a 3 or C in the eigth digit of the VIN would receive a red sticker, mine has a 3.

I slapped the sticker in the most visible place in the fork right away, now I only have to worry about the 96 db. :)

How did you do that?!?! Did your dealer do your registration for you and you just got the sticker in the mail?? You lucky dog...


My dealer did all the paperwork, all I did was go to my mailbox. :)

Well... I haven't gotten mine yet. Maybe they'll do the same thing for me!! (dobut it!)

You know... this is kinda frustrating though. The whole reason that they "started over" with the green/red sticker rules (i.e. all 2002 and older bikes get green stickers) is because it was easier than addressing the allegations of inconsistent application of the rules. The 2003 bikes were supposed to be the first year that they applied the rules correctly. Apparently, you have shown us that DMV is no more squared away today than they were a year ago. I guess the rule of "cross your fingers and hope for a stupid DMV clerk" still applies. I got my fingers crossed...


I read in one of the magazines (trail rider or dirt rider) that the wr450 is green sticker ready with the cork out. But its too loud. And with the cork in it is not green sticker cause its too choked up,but passes dcb. rule . go figure :)

That's the first time I have heard that... I wonder if its true.


Let me correct myself.

In the 4/03 trail rider mag it says the wrf450 in stock form meets the 89db rule but not the emissions requirement cause they are so choked up.

The ZYF does meet the emmisions requirement but not the db rule.

I guess I assumed if you uncork the WR it would pass emmisions. But the article did NOT state it would or would not.

sorry for the confusion.

DAMNIT!!! I just got my registration in for my WR450... or course it's a RED STICKER!! Why can't I have any good luck???


My friend received a green also. Lucky Ba**ards!! But, about 3 weeks later they sent him a Red. Bet you can't guess which one he is running.

Side note: I spoke to a BLM ranger that works in barstow. He said he would not be enforcing green/red stickers but would check sound if he thought you were too loud.

It's always something. But he was a really nice guy and I think if you show 'em respect they won't hassle ya! That of course is my experience and opinion. I know there are plenty who will say different! :)

Is it really the case that all 2002 or older models now get green stickers? Does this mean that if I find a used wr 426 and re-register it, it will get a green sticker? Or do I have to find a new 2002? This is so goofy, it's like playing the lotto. My old stinky two stroke (which really should be given a proper burial) is green sticker, but I've yet to see a ranger check anywhere I ride. Man, I've got the bread and I want to buy, but I haven't a clue what to do...


That's the case. ANY 2002 and older bike gets a green sticker now. You can get an 02 WR426 and get a green sticker or an 03 WR450 and hope that you win the "green sticker lottery".


I have a Licence Plate on my WR450 up here in Marysville WA. It was easy to get it too. Does that basically open the door for off road legal in CA?

Do any of you have the new green sticker rule in writing, can I look at a web site to see the change in the rule. I have a 2002 WR426 and got a green sticker when I bought the bike but was told I may not be able to get a green sticker when mine expires.

I have a real sweet '02 WR 426 with 325 total miles on it FOR SALE. It looks brand new and is already Arizona street registered. It is all original with a Zip Ty mag drain plug and Works Connection frame guards and skid plate since new. I also added Zip Ty radiator supports. I am asking $4400 with no tax. Give me a call in Phoenix at 602-770-9934 or PM me. Mark

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