how difficult is it to install new valves??????

Its nice to have calipers and a mic handy too. No cam chain breakers needed. Every time i hear someone do that I cringe. People who break and reattach chains have balls of steel or brains of ****.

i have a clutch/flywheel holder, valve spring commpressor, piston pin puller, fly wheel puller, crank splitter, crank installer will i need any other special tools?? ive odered the head, new cam, valves/springs, new valve componets, cam chain, cam tensonor, gaskets. i waited to order shims till i measure. can i measure the gap with digital caliper? still have to order crank, piston, and water pump seals. the head and stuff i ordered cost me a grand, the other stuff will cost about 500. do you need to heat the case and freeze the crank bearings to install the crank bearings??

will i only need to use yamabond on the cases?? does the head require any sealant?

only the 250 version comes up....anybody know where theres a free downloadable manual for the 07 wr450?

Use the Euro site for that. I post the Australian site when the question involves manuals for the older bikes, as the Euro site only goes back as far as the 426. For a while, the '01 model year would come up blank, too, but I see it's back.

The files from Europe download faster, and are mostly printable.

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