Telling apart YZ from WR ststor


How do I tell a WR from a YZ stator apart. Is there an extra wire on the WR stator? If so what colour? I know my electro sport had an extra yellow wire on it. Thanks

426 or 450?

what year bike

Im looking at one for a 426. Im looking to get a flywheel and stator but i dont want to end up with a second yz426 stator when i want a WR one. Thanks

The YZ426 stator has 4 coils plus the trigger coil, and one connector on the harness. The WR stator has 7 coils plus the trigger, and the harness has a second, smaller connector.

The YZ flywheel is smaller, and has a metal disk riveted to the outside face. The WR does not.

on the subject,will a WR stator and flywheel change the ignition timing from the YZ spec?im installing a WR coil for lighting on a 02 426

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