jetting specs for down under

has anyone jetted wr450 in australia and if so could you be kind enough to past them on. I,m running an staintune exhaust (basically a performance system) and modified airbox.

Hey guys, thought i would introduce you to motardmania . He is one of my best friends and has just taken over my garage with his crappy Yamahas :).

I have been trying for ages to get him to use TT and it looks like he has got the hang of it.

A bit about him: He is a top A Grade MX racer but ha just started racing Motard ( He is currently second in the OZ chamionships) he races for the Yamaha Australia Subway race team. He is a really good guy, i love riding with him and he has crashed my CRF more than i have. He also cheats at Golf.

Anyway hope you all make him feel welcome and i have posted a couple of pics of him. First is riding and the other is him molesting the podium girl at the OZ titles.





I am running stock jetting. I have opened up the airbox a bit which leaned it out enough to run just right, I am however about to buy the Staintune muffler so would love to hear your comments.

Welcome aboard


Have sent motor away to be modified,(chasing more horses for the tar/motard) to a local engine tuner in victoria/Australia by the name of Andrew Hallam.Andrew is one of, if not Australias best 4stroke tuner and was involved in the creation of the very first YZ400F, so he knows his yamahas.He has currently performed a cylinder head port job which he said had plenty of room for improvment and increased comp ratio via head/cylinder mods.Lightening of the flywheel was performed to increase thottle response and we are currently waiting on a YZ cam(exhaust),valve angles where changed to enhance new cam profile.With the air box,staintune pipe and carby jetting altered to suit engine mods Andrew estimates around 60plus HP but only time on a dyno will conform our estimates. So l,ll let you know the outcome in a few weeks so stay tuned. If you have any questions feel free to ask and thanks for the welcoming.

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