yz450 tank to wr conversion

I recently fitted a YZ450 tank to my WR450, the tank was a clean fit but the seat was a tad short (25mm short).This problem caused the seat to not latch under the tank retainer pin.To solve problem l had a modified tank pin made up that had a longer top section (futher towards back of tank) that enabled seat to latch firmly.The bike is a lot easier to move around on now and makes turning a dream.

Hey dude .Were did you get the tank? And how much was it ?

I was thinking about doing the samething .Does It really help out in the tight stuff.Its real tall

The tank is a standard yamaha YZ450 tank, you should be able to buy one from your local yamaha dealer. And yes it makes a big improvment in steering as it enables you to get over the front of the bike better.

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