Honda CRF230 vs. Yamaha TTR225

I am 5'10" 135lbs and do mostly Trail/Play riding. I would like to get a new bike and the CRF230 and TTR225 both seem to be in my price range and suitable for my riding. Which bike is the better buy and why? There is only about a $500 price difference between these bikes, what would justify paying the extra cash for the CRF230? Thanks.


I have a 2002 TTR225 and have been very happy with it. I got mine to chase the kids around on their 50's and 80's. My brother has a XR400 and the only place he can outrun me in the open fields where the 400 can stretch it's legs. In woods riding I can actually outrun him. My wife was going to move up to my 225 when I got my KTM625 but decieded that her lil' XL100 goes fast enough for her and it's got a real low seat height. Mine has only had about 4 tanks of gas in it. I will make you a good deal on mine. It's never been dropped. I'm in the Cleveland Ohio area. Call me @ 1-800-245-0646 Mike

I'd go with the CRF. It has longer/stiffer suspension and if you want it stiffer you can buy stiffer springs from BBR. There's alot more mods you can do to the CRF, too. BBR has nothing for the TTR. :):D(sry just saw the new icons lol)

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I didn't know there were new icons! AWESOME

well boys i'm off to the bike shop

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You will be happier with the CRF230. More power, lighter and better sub. :)

TTR225 is street legal and has electric start but if you never plan on dual sporting, the CRF would be lighter and easier in the tighter stuff.

TTR225 is street legal and has electric start but if you never plan on dual sporting,

I think you are thinking of the xt. :) The ttr is not street legal in the states. :D

CRF230 and TTR225 both have the E-start.

Ok, I've got an '03 TTR 225 and this is what I KNOW. It rides great on trails, nice and comfy there. It does get me up some pretty steep hills at Carnegie OHV Park here in California. It can be MADE street legal for about $300.00 according to a post I saw somewhere, I know the emissions are in there as far as that goes, and can even be dual registered as an off road bike and street legal bike in California. It will BOTTOM OUT on the MX track if you land ON the table top, but I weigh 200lbs. and the bike still has the factory settings, but that will change. There are few mods to be had for the thing, but as far the wife is concerned, that's a good thing. It is a good wheelie bike if you like doin' em. 1st gear is REALLY low geared. The CRF does seem to have more after market crap if that's what you're in to....Overall, I'm satisfied with the bike, great price point, and I may make it street legal later this year, but jetski season IS COMING UP FAST!

after fixing a 2001 TTR225 over the winter, I would stay away from it and opt for the Honda:

The carb on the 225 is a one off item w/ ZERO jetting changes available (at least from yamaha). It is a bizarre manufacturer as well. The only thing you can do is put shims under the needle jet to raise the midrange richness, and you can remove the brass plug that hides the fuel screw. You can always drill out the main jet, but if you go too big, time to replace it!

The bike seemingly has a short wheelbase, has terrible ergo's, at least compared to a full MX bike, and has NO KICKSTART. If you kill the battery like the owner of this 225, good luck on easy starting.

Also, the battery needs a VERY SPECIAL charger w/ an unbelievably low amperage rating (I think 0.8 amps). If you use a normal car charger, even one that has a 2 amp setting, you will TORCH THAT BATTERY. :)

For slow, sit down plonking speeds, it should be fine, for anything else I'd recommend the Honda.

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