KTM Deathstar unveiled

Danco Buddy, Oh MAN! Niiiiice! Why KTM's come in orange is beyond me. Blacked out is sweet! Great job.

How would you compare the RTT stabilzer to your old GPR?

Luuuuuke...I am your K T M... :)


I think my hubby would dig the graphics - can you give me the 411 on where to get them- please & thank you?!


You are just plain evil, as my kids would say. :D

How can you come over here and post pictures like that. That has got to be the best looking dirtbike I have ever seen, almost elegant (is it OK to say that about a dirtbike? :)).

I would love to own a 525EXC but my wife would kill me if I bought another bike. :D:D

Thanks Guys and Gals, I'm proud of her. I'm secretly calling her the WRF killer. LOL Rokatt the RTT is sweet. Same net effect of the GPR but in a more compact design. The adjust on the fly will work good for me in the tight twisties opening to sand and dirt roads, where you dez guys just go WFO!

Lisa Marsden Linder at www.graphicmx.com did my graphics. He's a great guy with great service. He'll create anything you can think up. Look him up.


I would just call your bike "Killer"! :) If the guys on the Blue Thread hear about this, get ready for the onslaught! They eat their young over there! LOL :D

Very, nice! A shame you have to get it dirty though. :)

Hey did you know know that fully operational DeathStar's have sheilds that deflect mud, dirt and blue missles? :)

WR Killer HUH!!!!!

Nice looking scooter........does it run? Pumpkinheads KTM only runs in his garage! Like it's embarrased by it's color or something!!! :D :D :D




This is going to be interesting....

Jimi Hendrex used to have a band called Jimi James and the Blue Flames.

Get ready for the "Blue Flames"! :)

Danco is getting the XR600/650 forum some attention and he's doing it with a KTM. Is this weird or what?

Too bad our Big Red Pigs don't look that pretty. :)

OH Dezrider you need to look back in the archive and find pics of Danco's BRP of old. :)

It may not have had the flame job but it sure was pretty. When it comes to pretty bikes that are never seen here with a speck of dirt on them Danco is the man! :D

Very nice ride, just needs some blue bits of plastic in the treads. :D

Thats' because I never ride them BigD! LOL Actually I only sit around and wait for a WR to ride by, unsuspecting and all cocky cause they think they are king of the hill. There's flames on that bad boy for a reason. :) Now all I gotta do is keep from killing myself! Just BS'ing guys. I'm just a forty year old has been with too many surgery's. Now I just like to add parts and make em pretty then spend hours cleaning them when they get dirty. Best part for me is still having my BRP around to ride. Rokatt's got all my trick parts thought. :D Hope I still qualify for the BRP board. :D

Hey Danco,

Put the BRP in your signature and hang around all you want. :)

Hows this?

Yeah Boys, That's right. I got all the "Danco Sparkle Parts" and my rig is that much better for it! :)

Danco, even if you didn't keep your BRP you'd be welcome. You are a class act and it was a pleasure doing business with you. If you ever sell your Vader Mobile... :D

Remember the post last year about how some dudes treat thier bikes like Barbie dolls and dress them up with all the accessories? All I can say is "What does Ken ride?"

Danco, keep me in mind you start parting out the Katoom, I might have to get one to install all your nifty parts!


You guys are killing me! :D I wonder if I can get some pink riding gear - hey ain't that what Bubba wears! You know the old saying "I would rather look good than feel good". That's me! You can hear my bad joints creaking over that clackety KTM motor as I tool down the trial. The KTM will be around awhile so there will be no parting out! In fact I'm thinking of buying my friends 01 300EXC two smoker just for kicks. :)

Danco I am a Blue guy......but I have to say that is one of the sweetest bikes I have seen! Well done. :)

I don't think I would have the guts to get it dirty though.

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