need help pricing bikes...

Here's is our current bike situation.

2006 limited edition model yz450f

2002 yz250f

I'm looking to see what would be a good asking price for both the 02' and 06' YZ's.

2006 limited edition model yz450f


Overall bike is in great condition, suspension done, dr d pipe and muff, pro taper's and tripple clamps. Big bore kit, plus many other extras. Got original yellow plastic in brand new condition+ others, and all white plastic on it. Engine needs work.

2002 yz250f

condition: excellent

Tokyomods engine work Pre summer(runs amazing), placed 03 hotstart system on bike, pro taper bars and camps. New Enzo suspension. ASV levers. FMF pipe. + few other mods

any ideas before i put it up on the market?

Engine needs work.
Oh, that's a good thing to put in the ad - if you want to keep it.

What is the engine work needed?

As far as pricing, there is a big enough market in most areas of California to research what people are selling stuff for in your area or close to it. This forum covers the entire country, so any responses you get from out of your area are going to be less valid than reading the listings in the Cycle Trader.

BTW, your post is perilously close to being a for sale ad, which is not allowed in the forums outside the classifieds.

Sorry for making it look like a for sale ad. It was not meant to be that way. However, the engine sounds like the transmission and the main bearing need work, although I am not the greatest expert.

Has it not always sounded like that? If it has an aftermarket skid plate, remove it and see what happens.

Failing that, have the bike diagnosed so your potential buyer can accurately gauge its value to him.

To be honest, it feels like it is missing a gear as well. I will try taking off the skid plate


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