Acerbis frame guards

Do the Acerbis frame guards for the wr426 fit on the new wr450 ?

a) yes

:) yes, with some tweaking

c) no

d) leave the frame unprotected (Could anyone post a picture of how the frame looks after the paint has beed rubbed of ?)

I'm not sure on the fit, but if you do go with them, be sure to put some weatherstrip or some other insulator behind them, 'cause on my 250F they wore the paint off behind them anyway! :)

Yes they do fit

on the brake side there is a small piece that is unprotecteted where the 426 had the brake resevoir guard otherwise they fit perfect

I tried to use my acerbis frame guards off of my WR 400 and found that the right one fit just fine because it was short and didn't go up the sub frame but on the left side it didn't fit worth a hoot because the sub frame was square tubing not round like the old 400. I put them back on the 400 before I sold it.. I wish ACERBIS would get off of the stick and make new ones that fit.. I called them yesterday and the girl I talked to didn't seem to know or care that I had a naked frame...... Like "ho-hum why are you bothering me?"


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