Brand new 2008 yz450f price

Hey guys I was checking out bertsmegamall's website and I saw this 08 450 going for $3500. Not sure if its the greatest deal but its pretty good in my eyes. Im not associated with berts in anyway I just thought I would help out anyone who might be looking.:thumbsup:

Edit: forgot link...

0td price?

Oh nevermind its a repo, so its used. Icant tell how used it is by the add photo which isnt the actual bike being sold most likely. 3500 is probley about right.

Its not used....the dealers are repoing brand new bikes from other dealers that go out of business, so its brand new. I was surprised when I went to malcolm smith too and saw the same thing. But they are from dealerships that went bankrupt and still had brand new bikes on the floor. I dont think its otd, if it was that would be one hell of a deal.

It says Repo in the add.................. Therefore Family Mans statement is true, It's used....... There may be new bikes for that price, but not this one.

What's the going price for a leftover 08 YZ450? When I was looking for a bike a few months ago I didn't see any less than $5800.

I ended up going orange and getting a 08 leftover KTM 450 SX-F for $4800 OTD.

Well it says factory repo, and other dealers do the same so im 100% sure its brand new. Anyways if anyone wants a brand new 450 im sure theyd deal with you...If I was still bike shopping I would probably go for it.

If it has never been sold at retail, it's new, regardless how many times it has changed hands at the wholesale/dealer level.

Barring any "gotcha" fees or taxes or setup paperwork fees, $3500 is very good!

OOOOH, factory repo............ from dealers gone bad, not us common folk. Sorry for the mixup and thanks for the enlightening...................

OTD Motorsports in Auburn CA had 08 and 09 YZ 450's for $5199 and $5599 out the door back in May. Not sure what's left or the current price. $3500 sure seems like a great deal though!

Yeah, im sure theyd try to add on a bunch of fees though but the way I see it thats still a deal.

I bought my new 08 yz450f for 4500 otd at the end of june. Saw the bike on ebay and it was at a dealer that was only 1 1/2 hrs away. It had only been out of the crate for two months. I think I got the last one though. I went into a dealer today and the price on a blue 09 450 was 5800... I didn't look at the small print though. I bought my bike from m&m motorsports in alpine wyoming. They sell ktm as well... which is really what I wanted but they are so darn much money! love the yz though... traded up four model years and 200 cc's for $2000.

I bought my new 09 about a month ago. Paid 5507.00 otd for a blue one. Bought it at Delta Sports Center in Delta Utah. I even got 6 months same as cash through Yamaha financing.


$3500 would be an amazing deal.

Nobody should be paying much more than dealer cost right now on leftover '08 & '09s.

A little off topic, but in the Bert's ad it states a 2009 YZ250F, but show a picture of a 2010 YZ250F. Back on topic, in November of 2008 I bought a 2007 YZ450F from Minnesota and I live in California. Had it shipped right around $4,300 OTD and picked it up a couple of miles from my house.

I going to go pick up an 08 YZ450F later this week and only pay $4900... I think its a heck of a deal for a never been F-ed with bike

so has anyone called the dealer to find out if the 3500 is accurate or not and where are they located ?

out here in southern california i think covina

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