WR450 in trail rider magazine

For those of you who might get "Trail Rider" magazine there is a great article on the WR 250/450. They didn't trash it like "Dirt Bike" but wrote a good comprehensive story. Trail Rider is a small magazine out of New Jersey. They cover mostly East Coast enduros and Hare Scrambles. They also had a great Baja Story.. Not East Coast but they have a lot of great reading.


Cool little mag.....highly recomend. Thumbs up to the Clipper. :)

They also tend to be more objective on their tests.

Is that the Mag where super hunky calls home now?

Where can I get that mag up here in Canada.

That review they did in Dirt Bike made me feel like they just insulted my mom and my country. (I think the writers are all red weenie riders)

i think you're right. they are red riders and people who want something they can't have or don't have put it down to make their's look better !! :)

I think you guys are pretty funny :)

HI I was wondering if any of you still have the article that appeared in trail rider magazine, I can't get it around here but I would love to read the article!! Just bought a Wr450F and now we're supposed to get about a foot of snow!!! :)....... :D Oh well, thats life.If any of you have the article I was wondering if you could scan it and send it to my E-Mail address of withintemptation2003@yahoo.com


Dan "the Yamaha" Man :D

i know how you feel i got my WR than got 2 feet of snow. it sucks.but it will be ok :)


LarryCO is moving to MN and X2smoke, Icebox, and I aready are here. What part of the state are you in? It's cold and rainy in MSP, but no snow here....

Anyone up for a Minnesota Thumpertalk trail ride?

Ride fast, take chances


The idea has been kicked around. I'm up for it as soon as the snow melts again. :)

Hey bamster & danielg, www.ecea.org has a link to the mag.

Its definately a great mag. :)

Sorry, ecea does not have the link

here it is


Thanks WR 250

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