DonJoy Armor Knee Braces

I met with the West Texas area consultant (sales rep for DonJoy manufacturing) on wed. 26th of march.

He has given us a group buy offer that is sweet.

Original price is $875 per brace if prescribed by the doctor, $369 per brace over the counter, $319 per brace for the best available individual purchase you would ever be able to negotiate!

With this group buy I put together for us it comes to $500 for a PAIR! This includes right and left brace, impact gaurds, extra set of liners, undergarmet, and a brace bag to carry them. $250 if you just want one brace.

If you have a prescription, average charge to the patient is $135 per brace after insurance kicks in. You can use your prescription if you have one.

I put these on and walked around for awhile and couldnt tell I had them on unless I looked down at them!

If you or anyone is interested in these, check them out at Follow the sizing instructions to get the right size to order.

You will be dealing direct with the Sales Rep for DonJoy!

Credit cards are WELCOME! Shipping charge will be determined by your address and preference of shipping method. UPS ground should only cost $5 or $6 in the U.S.

DJ Ortho

Gilbert Carrasco

Orthopedic Consultant

3708 Elmwood Ave.

Lubbock, Texas 79407


806-785-3934 fax

806-239-5734 mobil

Tell him or Jennifer only, his assistant, that you are in the group buy set up by Randy Lowe, they will take it from there.

p.s. if you could copy and paste this to others in pm's, e-mails, ect.. that would help greatly, Thanks

Tenetative cuttoff date is wed. the 2nd of april

Take advantage of this offer if you can!


We need 10 more to seal the deal :)

The following is an e-mail discussing the proposed order of knee braces from DonJoy.

As of Today, seven people have signed up to order knee braces through the special pricing promotion. We are trying to work with Randy Lowe at increasing the number of people so that the special pricing will still be effective. The pricing was for an order of 40 knee braces (or 20 people) and so we are delaying the order.

If you are in need of your knee braces quickly, we can make special arrangements on a case by case basis. However, please realize that without orders from at least 20 people, we are not able to get the special pricing and all the extra parts.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me over the weekend. If needed my cell number is (806) 239-5734. I do not carry it during the weekend, but I will call you back within the day.

I will keep you up to date with the order progress and any friends you can get on board will help.

Thank You and sorry for the delay,

Gilbert Carrasco

Just talked with Gilbert (monday) 4-7

He says 3 more firm comittments and he can get the first order in for us!

What do you want? A Money-back gaurantee? Call him!

Got a prescription? Use it! It will cost you less with your insurance, and he can arrange it with your local ortho shop for fitting! This is a GREAT Factory Authorized offer to us all from DonJoy! They want to aggressively pursue the preventive injury market in MX, as well as other high impact sports! He told me they want input from us on thier product. They care! He is coming to our local MX track soon so people can see and try the braces in person.

Talk to your wife, talk to your buds, then call and talk with Gilbert.

The riding season is upon us! Dont be laid up with an injury! Get protected with something!


Order is going in today! 4-11-03 Better call if you want in!


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