questions about the wr 450f

hey guys. was interested in both the crf 450 and the wr 450 i know they are two different bikes, but like them both. i am going with the wr 450 because i found it is a better bike with less maintanence i ride alot of lower gear trails and the crf 450 wont cut it. i know the bike isnt out yet but does any body know anything about the bike that would turn someone away from it. and also does any body know when it is definetly coming out. thanks

Wow, you already know for sure that a bike that hasn't even been release yet is better and easier to maintain, interesting..........

Oh, some will get there newly released WR's in December, the rest will be next spring.

Not a total flame, just close........


Dodger :):D

Been researching the diferent 4 stroke options out there myself. I currently ride a 2000 KX250 modified for open desert type riding. Considering a four stroke for the fuel convenience and range.

Take into consideration the type of riding you do when making your decission. Everyone I've talked to that owns a YZ or WR426 loves it. I had a chance to ride a yz250f. I was very impressed. If you are riding desert or woods then the WR would be a good choice. From all I've read the CRF is also a great bike , but is purpose built for motocross. It is costly ($$$)to convert the CRF to an enduro type bike as I have experienced with my KX.

Also, there are the KTM450 and 525 models. So many choices out there. Do your homework so you get the right bike for you.

P.S. I've read some articles in Dirt Bike and Dirt Rider magazines about the WR and the YZ 450, sounds like they just made these bikes even better. YZ is purpose built motocrosser, only 4 gears. WR is thinner, lighter, has improved ergos (seat/tank junction) and even has the optional E-button if desired. But, I hear they have solved the kick start problem.

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