Back on Blue..... got some ?

Just picked up a very cherry barely used 07 450. It's got Unibiker rad guards and some Acerbis bark busters. Owner also did the AIS kit and uncorked the exhaust and dialed in the carb. Then whatever other free mods there were to do I guess he did. Beyond that, what more should I be looking at updating/changing on the bike? Down the road I'll get a larger tank and a FMF slip on and a Scotts or GPR stabilizer. For now though are there things I should look at modifying to get it to it's full potential?

Not shure about the header size, I know the 08 and 09 has a small header, and if it does a full fmf or a dr.d system would be dramatic? How much do you wieght? springs etc.

How much do you wieght? springs etc.

Way to freakin much, but that's about to change, for the better! I'm wondering about the stock exhaust. It looks like a very small tipped baffle in there, can I cut that out? He said he removed some internal thingy that plugged it up...?

Wow, this forum used to be so much more helpful/responsive... Come on Yami guys, I know you'r dying to help!!!

lots of info here do a search? Your best bet is to spring the bike for your wieght.

here are some links:

save them to an mx folder to your fav.

wr to it full potential? Free mods, jetting, setting the Ap squirt, ais removal, airbox and snorkle cut outs, pipe it, exhaust cam, vortex ignition, hi comp. piston, big bore kit, port polish and headwork? to name a few?

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