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i'm posting this as a place for anyone who wants to come in and just plain gripe about the ills of our sport.

1) having next to no where to ride

i realize it could be worse. there are a few tracks within driving distance, if you can find time to go when they are having practice time, but no where to ride in western pa. people are all idiots, own 50+ acres of land and don't let eny one else use it just cuz they don't have to.

2) no coverage. wanted to watch some gncc action (the ricky and bubba show is getting a little stale) not covered on actual cable. gotta buy some crappy dish or package with 100 other channels you won't watch to get OLN. my gf's digital cable doesn't even get this station. never heard of it. :D

on top of that, espn devotes more prime time space to things like pro women's dizzy-drunk-blindfolded mini golf and celebrity wack-a-mole :D than to motorcycling. occassionally you will catch a superbike rce on a saturday afternoon, or mx or sx on a saturday afternoon. but that's it. i realize the ratings go to shows where you sit around and watch a bunch of old has-been-wanna-be-college-football-star commentators argue over which team should be titled #1 (even though there are teams that have beat them this year, and other undefeated teams out there.)

but come on for crying out loud!!! motoworld isn't on except for tuesday nights at 3 frickin A.M.!!!!! :D



i feel better.

just needed to whine.

feel free to add. i'm sure you california guys can go on for hours about the greenie-weenie bullcrap out that way. i sympathize for you there. we're allowed to ride anywhere here and it's still hard to find riding grounds. i can imagine if there were restrictions. :D

thanks for listening if you read the whole way to here. feel free to post. i'l check back in.

racer36 :D

[ September 29, 2002, 03:37 PM: Message edited by: Bill ]

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Wow..... someone got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Ya I know a lot of people who cry that "I dont have anyone to ride with or anywere to go".

Now I know that there are a lot of States that are hurtin for legal ridding areas. But If you dont do anything to help keep the areas that you have then how can you bitch about it. I joined the Cycle Conversation Club and the West Michigan Trailridders. We go out in the summer and do trail maintance to keep what trails we have in good shape. I volenteer a lot of time each summer that I could be spending doing a lot of other things.

I hear some of my friends bitch about the DNR not keepin our trails cleaned up. Im like " DNR by butt. Us volenteers keep the trails open not the DNR". All the DNR and the Forrest service do is post a closed sign on the trail if its not up to par. Thats it.

I can simpathize with ya but my point is this. Yes we are gettin the shaft by the greenies. But if we dont get out there and work to keep what we have were gonna loose it all. And who knows maybe we'll actually gain a few miles of trail in the fight somewere.

And yes TV coverage sucks. I hate it when Motocross gets bumped for Profesional Wack-A-Mole.

[ September 29, 2002, 06:16 PM: Message edited by: yzman400 ]

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As the Violins play softly in the background....

Racer dude...I knew this was gonna happen....shoulda stayed with the other "Life Sucks" post you started below...hmmmmmmmm

Here it comes......YZman...Good Point :D

Bonzai :)

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I wasn't gonna say anything. But it was friday afternoon @ work. I diddn't want to be there. I wanted a drink REALLY bad. And all these "glass is half empty" people are really startin to piss me off. :)

Im gonna go get another drink. :D:D

[ September 29, 2002, 06:15 PM: Message edited by: yzman400 ]

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LOL... :D yeah, i ws in a bad mood that day.

sorry bout that guys. just one of them days you chould have never gotten up for, ya know? :D

i am gonna join the TRCR (three river competition riders)... they do trail maintnance and stuff. :)

i was mainly pissed about the crappy gncc coverage. the riding area whining just kinda came with the territory. might as well cover all the bases while i was at it, ya know?

sorry for the negative attitude. there are a lot of good things in our sport, too. it was just one of those days... :D

that and i felt the need to put "celebrity wackamole" in a post title... :D:D:D:D

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