What should i do for maintenance?

Hey guys,

I blew the head gasket on my 06 450f the other night, so my head has been shipped away to get shaved. I replaced my front and rear wheel bearings and seals, and checked my cam chain and cams, and the valves are fine too. Is there any other easy stuff to maintain that I should be doing while the bike is torn apart?

Oh and also, is there any other reason that my bike would over heat besides running out of coolant or the waterpump not working? Im hoping I just ran out of coolant but I can't be sure because when you blow a head gasket it burns whatever you have left.

I would just replace the cam chain all together just as cheap insurance. How many hours on the piston? Could also replace that. IF you are overheating, try some engine ice or maybe even a Boyesen Hi-Flow waterpump/impeller kit:thumbsup:

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