First post

OK I am settled as XRANDY now...ThumperAndy sounded baaaad somehow...I don't know...I'll be OK.

Got rid of my newbie status the fast way...lots of multiple posts.

By the way, "How's the weather over here?"

It seems like you have multiple personality issues you need to deal with, and stop changing your name. You are even replying to your own postings. Are you sure you have the right website? Isn't there a for you? :)

I'll have to check out Dr.Phil, sounds like he could help me out...ha ha ha...but I haven't taken my meds yet today...maybe that's my problem.


Things are going to get better now. You have a great ride and a group of really stable people over here. Of course having the most dependable dirtbike ever made means this forum is a little slow, so you will have go poke some fun at the other guys on TT. :)

I have poked some fun at the poor DRZ owners and all their ills of broken cases and expensive parts and lack of dealer support. There is one TINY Suzuki dealership on the lower island while there are 3 large Honda dealerships around. I had a heck of a time getting parts for my DRZ, and when i could boy were they expensive! Bottom line is, HONDA RULES!!! All our blood runs RED!!!

Andy, you should consider going to the 68s pilot, it should help the bike start better and should reduce the possibility of overheating. You might also turn the fuel screw out from the stock two turns to 2.25-2.5 turns to richen up the bottom end a little.

OOps sorry, didn't see that you already have the Fuel screw at 2.5 turns!

I actually did try the 68S pilot, and found the bike runs a bit cleaner with the stock pilot jet, at 2.5 turns on the fs. :)

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