Walker Valley ORV still open?

I've heard rumors about it closing 6 months outta the year...tell me it aint so!!!

Mr Toyz

I have never heard of it closing, though there was a petition to close it down permantly. I'm planning on riding there on Sunday so I hope they're just rumors. One place to check would be the NMA site and go to the Skagit Valley Motorcylcle Club site, they would have it posted if it was closed.

Man I hope it doesn't close. That is the only good place to ride north of seattle that's reasonably close. However, Plumb Creek Timber Co. is doing a lot of logging up there and numerous trails are affected by it which sucks but still a nice place to ride.

Walker vally is kinda in my back yard. I've heard rumers of seasonal closures, Permanant closures....none have come to be true. Its true logging has closed many of the trail at this time however I've seen logging up there for 20 years and its always worked out. Take care of the place and it will stay open. Later...

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