Small talk...

How's the weather over here?

:D 73 deg and sunny :)

Too nice to be in a freakin office :)

So far today it has rained, snowed, hailed and the sun shown for a while between all of the other stuff. But this is Oregon so we expect that!


Snow!! No riding yet, but the skiing is great :)

I don't notice while I'm riding, And when I'm not, I don't care. :)

Have a low coming thru and it's much colder than last weekend. I almost thought it was the middle of summer last weekend Low 90's and a hot santa ana wind blowing!!!

Got to love California!!!(even with the smog and earthquakes) :D :D :)

Started off with a skiff of snow then 60 degrees. :)

Its 45 here in south Jersey with a chance of drunkeness late this afternoon and inceaseing throughout the night. :):D

warm and sunny over here :)

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