Electrical issues with Wr450

The blinkers on my wr450 (aftermarket enduro blinker set) are only working occasionally. I don't see any consistency in when they work and when they don't. The bike can be off, on, on for a long period of time and the blinkers will only work sometimes. I notice that when the blinkers do work the headlight signicantly dims.

At first I thought it might be a loose connection or a short but after about 30 mins poking around the electrical connections, I didn't really find anything. Occasionally, the headlight will cut out...which again makes me think there is a connection problem somewhere.

My gut tells me there is a short/ground/or loose connection somewhere that I haven't found. I can't think or any other issues...

If anyone has any comments about the issue or a good method of tracking down a bad connection or ground it would be much appreciated.


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