Lexx MXe vs. YZ Exhaust

So I was looking to put a PMB end cap on a 09 YZ muffler, but the YZ guys say the 08-09 cans are the most restrictive to date.

Found the Lexx MXe slip on @ RM for $200 and on Ebay for $170.

The PMB setup with silencer will run $170ish.

The Lexx seem to be adjustable sound wise and I have yet to find a neg review.

Does anyone know what to expect sound level wise on a 09 WR450 w/ a 09 YZ header and weight?


For the price I'd go for the Lexx exhaust. Buying a 08-09 yz muffler and still spending $170 for the pmb setup is just crazy. Sound wouldn't be bad with the yz muffler, but performance would suck in the low-mid range. Even if the Lexx exhaust doesn't win any awards, it will most likely be way better than the 08-09 stock exhaust from a yz. On my WR, I have an 06 yz exhaust with a cheap $15 spark arrestor, great performance, but lets not discuss sound level...

I couldn't wait and put on the YZ header and muff on, that I got from a TT'er.

1st impression "Hello Stranger!", this bikes got what I need.

Stock I could barley get the frt wheel up and it felt like it wouldn't rev, now it's quick to respond and the frt wheel is looking for clouds.

Might still try the Lexx, but this is definitely the right direction and the fun factor has increased x3.

3 reasons I like my 08 YZ exhaust

Short and light- you now have a good handgrip when grabbing the fender seat junction and no rearward weight

Sound- pass's 96db's at my races with PMB silent insert (just)

Power increase- it may not be quite the same as the older YZ exhausts but it's still heaps better than the WR. And let face it, sound is power. If you brought those old YZ pipes down to 96db's I'd bet they would preform pretty similar.

yeah the shorty looks sweet and the weight savings is a bonus.

Glad to hear things worked out good for you. Have you already done the free mods to the bike?

Yeah, the dealer performed the AIS Needle and jetting, snorkle, grey wire and pea shooter exhaust.

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