Them look like rain clouds !!

Ohhh please put on your best indian rain dance suit and pray to the rain gods ! I think itsa comin !

Definately cloudy out there in NCal.


FRYBOY, Where abouts is vacaville?

Vacaville is inbetween San Francisco and Sacramento - Northern Cal


P.S. I must have been a little over-zealous regarding the rain as none showed. :)

I feel it coming though !!

I just pulled out of the desert in socal. looks cloudy here too! could be a killer weekend for moto action.

It look like Mama Nature gonna put some dew on the ground here in Hollister

cant wait :)

cant wait :D

cant wait :D

cant wait :D

cant wait :D

cant wait :D

I see the clouds too, it started drizzling a bit this morning here in Sebastopol

We had a little 'fizzle' this morning - you know that stuff that is between fog & drizzle. I'm praying/dancing for rain but not for riding - I'm going deer hunting up by Eureka again next weekend. Unfortunately, the news is predicting a warming trend next week thanks to a high sitting up by Alaska:(


Heyu guys i got some sprinkles on the way home from work :D but to dang bad the bike is BROKE :) keith

The Sun is shining....The temp is gonna be 77 degrees...and the road is a callin....Time to roost for the next two days.....

I'm outta here...See ya monday.

Bonzai :)

Boys, boys, boys!!!! It's been snowing here :) Riding season is coming to an end for me :D:D

Its been hanging cloauds all day here, I am not sure if half of them is from the Uvas Fire.

But It did drizzle and I am sure the dust is still there in the Hills.

Thast ok

I crash just as fast Dust or Mud

I am an equal oppertunity crasher :)

Yes rained yesterday! I cant even get ON my dang bike and Im excited. Ok it sprinkled just a little but hey its a start!! Good riding just around the corner...up here in the far north at least :)

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