wr400f trip odometer

I am wondering if anyone knows how to reset the trip meter on the Yamaha WR400f. The only thing I could figure out was to roll it back 1/10th of a mile at a time. Since it was on 600 when I bought the bike I figured I'd be twisting the little lever for about and hour. There must be an easier way. Or, I should say I "hope" there is an easier way. Please help!

I think you pull the little knob out to the left and turn it.. not certain tho, cos mine was bust so i took it off and put in safely in the discarded parts bin.. :-)

(the little bracket it was mounted too gave me a handy place for a disc lock tho :-)

Use your cordless drill :)

Mine is the same way. I just turn it to the nearest 100 mile increment. Plus, it tells me about how many miles I put on in an entire year.

I first thought it was broken until I went to the motorcycle show and found out that all the dirtbike odometers have to be reset the slow way.

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