What is your favorite clicker settings?

Just a little curious how people set up their bikes. I'm going to experiment over the weekend on a bunch of different settings.

If you would like to list your settings for front and rear, weight, trail type or mx track and some feedback it would help me out, rather than just trying random combinations.

I ride all types of trails, lots of sand and whoops but not mx. 175 pounds without gear. I've currently got my clickers a little on the plush side, about 4 clicks in from all the way out on the compression, and 6 in on the rebound, can't remember on the back but sort of the same. The bike kind of dives in a bit and pushes a lot. Soaks up whoops OK but turning sucks. Don't know about bottoming as I tend to stay close to the ground. I also just raised the forks up 7mm in the clamps and the sag is at 100mm, this I know will help but haven't ridden it yet like that.

Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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