Let's Fire Back at Camelbackstabbers!!!

Brian Meadows says he lives just down the street from Camelback. So, here's the deal:

Everyone send their Camelbacks to Brian Meadows with a nasty letter attached so that he can drop them off on the friggins CEO's desk! I'm willing to send mine in, how about you?

Then we'll approach a manufacturer that doens't sell us out and get them to work a deal on a couple hundred or more new ones.

So, Brian Meadows, are you up to the challenge (I know I sort of elected you)? What about the rest of you? Are you willing to give up a perfectly good Camelback to prove a point? I sure the hell am!

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Okay, I just dug it out of the garbage can, where do I mail it?

Whats wrong with camelback now?

I have an old, smelly bladder to contribute. be sure to send me your address, Brian!

Guys,please hook me up with the lightest, best fitting 70+oz setup you guys can find that's NOT a CamelBackStabber.

What a terrible world we live in. Mike I can't believe someone is so petty as to complain about your attitude-a good one at what which is in my mind attempting to help our sport.

Do you think that breakfast with the politician has something to do with it? (Not implying anything, just wondering if it's crossed your mind). Things have a way of "rolling downhill".

Hang in there, Mike. And Camelback- YOU STINK!

Read the post titled "found the mole" and you'll know what is the matter with Camelbak.

Yea count me in. Email an address to me and I will send mine back....Also an email to them. By the way has anyone posted this on the other TT sites? We should not forget to include all our brothers even if they do ride the wrong color bikes! :)

Brian Meadows please give us your address.



97 KDX220, 86 TTR225, 99 WR400f, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. De-octopussed. Works frame guards and Thumper Rad Guards, Scotts steering damper. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank, IMS seat and number plate. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA, Happy Ramblers MXC.

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At the very least everyone should send Camelbak an e-mail just to let them know how you feel about the funding they give to the greenies and what they did to mike68.I have already sent mine.There are over 1600 members registered on this BB alone,I hope that a thousand or so nasty e-mails will open someone's eyes over there.

Let me know where to send it.

Also, you would think of all the people in this sport like Malcolm Smith,saying they are so involved with the issues of keeping our sport going, that they would not carry these products. But Malcolm Smith has a whole line of Camelbackstabbers products.

But I guees it's true what they say, it's all about MONEY!

If we want to get the word out to a larger audience, I wonder how much it would cost to take a full page ad in one of the motorcycle magazines? I also wonder if they would accept one?

By the way, I have two other questions:

1. What else does Camelbak manufacture?

2. Do they sell their product under other brand names?

3. Are they owned by another company?

I guess I could look at their website but that would be too easy...


They urge people to contact them. Sounds like a great idea to me.

Guys, I sent them a great email, I suggest we should. Its a start! Dan

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Just let me know the address and I'll gladly send mine back. Sometimes you just have to do what is right!

A (very) quick look at their website and a "Yahoo Finance" search reveals a very narrow product range and no sign of a parent company. On the other hand they have a division that focuses on the Military and Law Enforcement.

When a company is small and private, it is conceptually very easy to hurt them financially by damaging their revenue stream. There are several ways to do this:

-Get the word out there in the MC communicty that they are not to be supported.

-Identify a competitive manufacturer that we should support and let them know about it and why. Encourage them to target the motorcycle community (Advertisements, target the dealer reseller channel, event sponsorships, etc.) and use this issue as a competitive differentiator.

But, in my mind, the most effective thing we could do is try to find out who is responsible for Camelbak's military contract and see if there is a way to get them to switch. I say this based on the ASSUMPTION that this is a significant and very profitable (no advertising costs, large order sizes, repeat business (individual users may abuse/lose/steal the product, etc.) part of their business.

Does anyone in this extremely large and well connected TT community of ours have any connections to the military procurement machinery? Remember, the military can be considered an environmentally 'high-impact' user group and their decision makers may be ideologiaclly closer to us than the so-called 'greenies'. (Wow, now that I think of it, that makes Camelbak kind of hypocritical!)

Just some thoughts...

By the way, who is the preferred competitor?

I went over and looked also. It appears they do have a very narrow product line and say their uses are "motorcross" (don't even know how to spell it) and ATV Racing.

Hypocracy at it's finest!


You're deinitely on to something!


Wow. You go away for a few days and ya miss all this. It's taken a lot of reading to catch up. I can't believe what happened to Mike. What a chicken $@&% thing to do. Anyone post this information on the drn forum yet? If not, I will. They hate camelbak too.

What to do to our friends at camelbak? I'm thinking of poking a hole in every camelbak I see. This will not make me a popular guy but it will feel good. Lots of my friends have them. I have one but don't like the aftertaste it leaves. Used it once. Should I poke a hole in it before I send it Brian, or fill it with liquid like Bill mentioned?

Brian, talk to us. Are you going to do this? I think it's a great idea… Maybe we should just send them a package full of destroyed camelbaks with a nice little note via fed-ex?

I just sent those idiots a email and I must admit, I wouldn't slam a screen door that hard. Wish I could do more.

Bryan Bosch - I gladly accept the nomination.

Please email me at brian4wd@hotmail.com if you want me to hand deliver your camelbak to their HQ in Petaluma. I will respond with my home address. Include a signed letter (copy of email?) as that tends to carry a lot more weight than an email to the webmaster.

Instead of returning a boatload of product that has already been paid for - thus camelbak received their money - I think our disgust might better be conveyed by writing letters to the dirtbike/atv mags and getting this atrocity out in the public. Returning the camelbaks makes a good symbolic gesture but hitting them at the bottom line will have more impact.

Anybody know how to do an online petition?

Oh yeah - no 'presents' in the bladders :)


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If you really want to drive them nuts find out where they have their manufacturing done and see how environmentally friendly that is.

Odds are they create all kinds of waste. Send *THAT* to the greenies so they will put pressure on them to clean up their act.

If they use cheap labor outside the US send that to human rights activists groups that put pressure on NIKE.

Also, complain to any place that sells their crap.

FYI, if any of their suppliers aren't environmentally friendly you can have the greenies pester them about that too!

Hey Mr Bosch:

I tried to e-mail, but it didn't go. Please let me know where to send my CamelSack.


Cliff (aka Heywood)

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