Let's Fire Back at Camelbackstabbers!!!

Brian Meadows is the guy in CA that has agreed to deliver our crappy Camelbak's to their headquarters. I just started this post. Brian, email me at bryan_bosch@hotmail.com this weekend and we'll talk more about the delivery.

Bryan Bosch

A friend of mine once showed me a trick to play on someone that has a fax machine:

1. Type a message using very large letters.

2. Print a few copies.

3. Tape them together to make one long piece of paper.

4. Feed it into your fax machine.

5. Tape the ends together to make a loop, then hit SEND.

It works like a champ!

BTW, Camelhump's fax number is 707-665-9231 :)

Hey guys, here is the reply I got back from them.

Subject: Response from CamelBak

Dear Paul:

Thanks for your e-mail. I understand your concern regarding the important issue of land access.

By now you may have read the message from my office that was distributed this past Friday. It simply states that CamelBak is in the business of hydration and does not have a political agenda.

While individuals in each of our markets will have differing political beliefs, as a company, we do not endorse any political agenda. As was the case in a recent statement made by a CamelBak employee, please accept my apology if an individual voice misrepresented our company.

Again, the Off-Road market is important to us. Thank you for voicing your concern and opinion.

Glenn Gross


CamelBak Products, Inc.

Great idea James! Sicking the greenies on them... how perfect is that?

I sent you an e-mail Bryan (Bosch). I have a Camelhumper you can deliver to the man. Let me know where to send it.

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They don't endorse a political agenda?

No, they are just two faced and try to look good to every possible buyer which is just as bad (or worse). As long as they support the greenie cause through any means they are a threat and should be treated as such.

If we are going to sic the greenies on them we need to know more about their suppliers and manufacturing.

Is Camelback a publicly traded company or private?

Gee, I can see how popular my idea was by the underwhelming response.

Ok, lets try another approach. Go through your favorite motorcycle magazine. Find any add that mentions Camelbak and call them to complain that they are supporting our enemy. Camelbak will get the message in a hurry if we boycott companies that carry their product. Also call or write the magazine and threaten to boycott them if they carry any adds for products of companies that support anti-trails/motorcycle causes.

A quick glance through Dirt Bike magazine and you should find several adds that mention Camelbak.

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Link to article at Off-Road.com (by Mr. Dune).

He more or less has caught them with their pants down with respect to their support of groups with an anti-access agenda. All the backpedaling and damage control is very revealing (duplicitous, hypocritical & disingenuous to say the least).

I just sent a message to Mr. Glenn Gross, president of camelback. His e-mail address is president@camelback.com . Send your correspondence to him rather than some poor IT administrator.


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