Untuneable Sputter

Actually a very fitting description of how the factory sends them out the door...leave it be! :D

Aw, man, you changed it already... :)

[ September 27, 2002, 02:23 PM: Message edited by: Chaindrive ]

Try some of the jetting examples as stated in members signatures or search through the archives. Your bound to find something you will like.


Does anybody have a un-tuneable carb? Bike sputters everywhere except WOT. Ran great for 3/4 year - all of sudden sputtering. Tried the usual tuning changes.

Did I say undorked!?

Sundance, I also have an 02 WR 426 with the same sputtering problem. I have tried every jetting change I can think of and nothing seems to work. I think it started when I put a new Yoshi pipe on. It never did it before then. I was just curious if you had any luck with yours. My bike is set up as follows: All free mods done, YZ timing, back to stock jetting since nothing else seems to help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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