What do you guys think?

So I have an 01 XR400 and its a good all around bike.(well, maybe not all around, but great on long rides and wide open trails). But at 26 years old I feel its time to step up a bit and try to play with the big kids. First about me: I'm six feet tall and 220ish pounds(maybe 225). I'm an ok rider,meaning I like being aggressive, I just don't get out a lot(which sucks). My friend has a YZ450 and after a ride on it I realized that not only is James Stewart fast, but hes also a little insane. My other friend has a YZ426F and loves it. We are trying to set something up for a test ride, so I can see what it feels like. My question to you guys is- If I was to buy a YZ426F, which year should I buy and whats your guys opinion on this particular machine. Reviews from the internet are ok, but reviews from you guys hold more water in my opinion. Thanks

Having owned and raced Yz400's, 426s and YZF450's

I would not even look at anything but a 06+ 450....yami

power is not the issue here...they all make comprable power. It is the suspension, handling and egos of a 06+450 that you are looking for here. If I was you and you want a bike that will make you a better rider each time you ride it....fo get about the 426s, and pre 06 450s...you will not be sorry my friend:thumbsup:

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