I really enjoyed that - somebody has a gift with the camera.

Where is this at and what is the story with the chopper?

Allen on the XR650 forum took the pictures, cracked rib and all. The chopper was for some other unlucky dirtbiker. He didn't look like he was wearing much gear, I think he broke his leg, and maybe a hip. Good place to ride if you like a challenge. It's south of Redding, CA. We make the trek from Nevada once a year, maybe more after this weekend. :)

Hey Keith tell everyone that is you not me on the KTM. I don't want to give my buddies the wrong idea. :)

Yes, that's me on the KTM, I lost 40 pounds and grew 6 inches, just for the weekend! It was nice of Mike to loan me his gear for the picture also. John has a good picture of me riding your DRZ up the hill for you too.

Keith & Mike - had a great time riding Stonyford despite my cracked rib on Saturday. It made Sundays ride all that more interesting :)

Dutch - I have about 2000+ pictures uploaded to It costs $0 to upload and send out the cool links. You can have them print your digital pics for you. Pretty cool service. I just bought a Sony 3.2 Megapixel

Nice pictures John. Were going to have to do it again soon. It looks like I'll be up your way after all for the VCGP. Have you given any thought to doing it. You should do well your a good rider. Everytime I looked back your on my :).

Allen how are you feeling? It didn't look like you hit the ground as hard as your bike hit that tree. Hope you feeling better soon. We have a lot of riding to do this summer. :)

Don't forget the Mystery 250 also. :)

Nice pics John! :)

Feeling better with my new friend Vicky (Vicodin) I disguised my fall by flinging my bike into the woods as I fell on the rocks :-)

I should be good to go in a couple of weeks. Have fun in Death Valley

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