WR450 test in Dirt Rider

Maybe these guys tested a different WR450 than what I have, or they're a bunch of whimps. Statements like " it can be a handful when the power hits" or how about Tom Carson saying its mellow on the bottom then hits with a little too much torque. Or John Bumgarner saying the motor "too violent for less than ideal conditions" The only guy that knows what he's talking about is Jason Webb when he said the power delivery is is smoother for good tractable power. Now is it just me that thinks this bike has one of the smoothist power bands around, I don't detect any real hit at all and they're talking like it hits so hard you can;t control it. Then I read on how much they liked the XR400, then it hit me, yea they're whimps.

my little cousin who just turnt 16 took my WR for a spin at the pits last weekend and he had no problem whipping it around.he's smaller and lighter than i am. i rode a KX500 now that has the power they are talking about. the WR is smooth from beginning to end of the power band ,there's no big hit,it's easy to manage,and it's the best bike i have ever ridden. can i say that and not make it seem like i'm bragging about my new WR ? OH WELL !! who cares this bike rips !! kinda funny that they said the xr400 which was around with the dinosaurs maybe even before the dinosaurs is a great bike !! :) maybe those guys should trade there dirtbikes in for too too's. pansy asses !!

Dirt Rider was the same magazine that said a YZ timed WR426 had way too much power for woods riding.Oh well at least they did'nt trash the WR450 anyway.Power is like money in the bank,you never know when you might need a little EXTRA :):D :D

They even half-way whined about having electric start, said now it doesn't need it. I think they all own stock in KTM. Thats all they ever say. KTM this & KTM that. :)

the mainstream rags SUCK :) the only one worth reading is trailrider from out east.

ive learned more in 2 yrs. coming to thumpertalk, than i did in 30 yrs. of reading magazines. :D

If we believe everthing we read in the main stream mags for their insite we would all be on KTM's or Honda's. I love the WR450 and it is not getting the praise it deserves. We all know this bike is very good!

Watch and see.. they will have their '450 shootout' and the WR will score highest in each catagory and still finish last in 'overall' somehow. :)



Dirt Rider gave the YZ450 a glowing review, but when tested against the 250 MX bikes, the YZ didn't do as well because "the power is too hard hitting and not manageable for the average rider." It is hard to take these mags seriously since each rider had different preferences and riding styles. I myself enjoy the two-stroke power feel of my YZ and feel that it has great tractability.


Dirt Rider is really "KTM Monthly". That's not knocking KTM's because they're good bikes, but the coverage is WAY biased. To even get equal coverage the Yamaha's would have to be twice as good for half the price.

Ditto the earlier comment about learning WAY more from ThumperTalk than I ever learned from the magazines.

I've read the article a couple times and how can they rant about not having bark busters stock. I don't think any bike comes standard with them. Heck the KTM doesn't even come with a shark fin.

Really, like the KTM comes with them? The whole thing puzzles me. Biased? No way they only give the facts. :) But I will be passing more KTM's this year than will pass me! ---Mike

well i was at the pit today and a guy there had a ktm 520.so i pulled up along side of him and he knew what i wanted. we gave eachother a little nod and we were off. he took me on the turns, i had him on the whoops, and the straights we were pretty even when it was all said and done he had me by about a bike length .i was surprised that the 450 held up as well as it did to the 520.it was a fun day of riding.all i have to do is practice my turns a little more and i woulda walked all over that KTM.

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