cool pics thanks for sharing. :)

Uh but who is everyone :D

Mike(Moredesert), Keith S(me), John(Bytor), Allen A(not sure of his screen name). PMaust and a bunch of other guys were there too. Paul instigated the ride, thanks Paul! :)

The terrain looks cool. :thumbsup:I'm thinking of going out there or Foresthill next weekend.

PM Cisco, on the DRZ forum, he lives there, and likes to shred.

Man, that was a great week end! We had a good turn out and the riding was awesome. Conditions were nearly perfect especially at the higher elevations. Next stop, Virgina City Grand Prix. April 26 - 27. Hope to see you there.


Hey BLUE!! Im riding either Sugarpine or Georgetown on Sunday morning. Going early so if your game let me know. Norcalmike will be coming too. Id say bring someone else with you to ride with in the PM because Im only riding till 11:00 or 12:00. Have my father in laws 80th B-day in the afternoon. Let me know! :)

Paul, I plan to be there. Sorry we didn't end up riding together up there, we'll do another CC trip soon. Cisco wants to ride the weekend before VC, I'm in for a saturday ride then. :)

Hey Keith,

Cool pictures, thanks for sharing. What up with the helicopter? Hope the guy is ok.

When are we riding the desert again???


Two weeks, if you want to come up with Zak.


Is that the weekend of 4/12-4/13? If so I won't be able to make it. I am racing the Sawmill at Elk Mountain.


My bad, the 19th-20th, then the VCGP is 26th-27th :)

Whoo hoooo I may be able to make that ride !!! Can't wait


John I widh I could do YOUR type of riding evry weekend! Bytor can ride from his house in Carson to wide open desert trails. Purely AWESOME terrain. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side...... :)

Grass? Here? The Sagebrush is always..... brown-ish-greener? :)

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