02 WR426F rev limiter

What is the story about removing the rev limiter on my 2002 WR426F. Something about a grey wire under the gas tank? I have already removed the throttle stop and filed it down to 9mm and reinstalled the screw back. Any other mods to do?

Thanks, Dave from Colorado

The grey wire is for low to mid power,and doesn't affect the rev limiter. That I noticed.

Other things you can do is:

1. YZ exhaust timming (retard exhaust cam 1 tooth).

2. Jetting for your area. More air and fuel is good!

3. Air box lid. Throw it away.

4. Grey wire under tank. It is located on the left side of bike. Try to remove without cutting wire. Hobby knife works great. Put some silicon on the wire to water proof it.

Is there anything else that I'm missing guys?

I don't remember it has been awhile since I've done these things.

Enjoy your 426 it is an awsome bike. With these changes it rip.


The gray wire is for remapping the ignigtion curve like a yz. Cutting the blue wire is to give more spark while in netural. Yz timming makes it hit harder everywhere!


Hey the gray wire is on the right side.

The rev limiter with the grey wire mod done is 10.5k.

Checked it on the rolling road.

The vortex ignition had it set at 11.5k, but there is nothing is nothing going on up there, torque peaks at 8.5k.

That was on an'01 wr426 with yz timing, arrow pipe, gore big bore kit and minor head work.

Your results may vary in regards to your torque peak.

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