Need dual sport advise...

I am considering the purchase of a new motorcycle that can be plated here in the motorcycle unfriendly state of California. In your opinion, what is the best 100% dirt oriented late model motorcycle that is does not have the dreaded digit in the VIN?

Looking forward to your comments,


The best bike (if you have the big bucks) is the KTM 525 EXC-G. Next would have to be the Honda XR650. These are the only two bikes you can street legalize in CA that are worthy in the dirt.

KTM 4strokes EXC or MXC for 03 are green sticker bikes.

Cannondales for 03 are green sticker bikes.(from what I understand)

Honda xr's are green sticker bikes.

Suzuki DRZ400S model is street legal from factory. The 03 "S" model has the off-road's suspension...still soft but can be made good with some $$$

Definately, the KTM and Cannondale are the most dirt worthy all-around bikes!

783.jpg = :)

Thanks guys.

But what factory street legal bike is worth a hoot? Suzuki makes the only offering?

Another bike to consider is the ATK. Killer rotax motor. I had a 604E that smoked. They come with all the goodies already on them from the factory. Talon hubs, Pro Tapers, Electric Start.

Same price as KTM.


look for someone that sells WR 450's in Canada..they have a green sticker VIN...

Kalifornia won't license Canadian bikes anymore. Be careful if you plan to dualsport one! WOuld hate for anyone to be SOL!

You sure about California not licensing Canadian bikes anymore? Anyone know about Arizona - I am planning on a wr-450 Canadian with a plate. Thanks, Mark

Ronny, In my opinion the I think that the DRZ-s would be a great bike for DS. You can find bikes that are lighter and faster but as far as being totally Kalifornia legal I would get the Suzuki. A great bike and no problemo at the HB DMV. The KTM's (RFS) are total race bikes and not really meant for street riding (even the manual states it). They do however sell a dualsport bike just not the sweet mo-sheen you showed.


Ron, as Dan said the DRZS is a very good off-the-shelf dual sport bike. My Canadian WR400 is dual-sported so is my KTM 520 EXC. I think it all depends on how much street riding you plan to do with it. For me the KTM is great. I only wanted it to be legal for dual-sport rides and riding roads for short distances to hook up with the next trail. Monty and I just did a non-sacntioned dual sport ride this past week end up at Lake Tahoe. My KTM did great! On the road it handled fine and I was hitting speeds up to 70 mph. If I was planning on riding more road, I would probably stick with the DRZ. But, for my purposes the KTM does fine as does a dual sported WR. Monty rides a WR400 and has put tons of street and dirt miles on it. It is holding up fine and runs great. Dual sporting my KTM has not hurt its off road worthyness one bit either. Just some food for thought. Paul

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