Rear axle socket size

Please help.....

I am getting new tires tomorrow and need to remove my rear rim. What size is the nut? I thought it would be 22mm like the front but I obviously was wrong. Is it a 26mm? I need to get a socket lickety split. As I need to take this tired ass to bed at a reasonable hour. Work at 5:30am. :)

Thanks my fellow thumpertalker,


I have always used a 1 1/16 SAE socket. Cause I have it, but it does fit perfect!

Yup or a 27mm fits slightly better use both

Thanks the 1 1/16" worked great. Can't wait to try my new tires !!!

Ego, I tried to get the 27mm but Lowe's didn't have it.


Good to hear. Don't roost to hard on those new tires, ohhh what the hell, roost away!!!!!!!!!


you need to break em in real good I suggest Cement Starts and Whellies on Cement :D

Dont worry if the center gets wore out becouse of that

I seen ya ride, you dont use the center always the sides :)

Thanks for the advice on break-in Ego. Good thing for you I don't live on your street ! :) I can't wait to try them out. I may have to go for the day tomorrow (Monday)

Funny thing though, I don't remember seeing your ride.... Oh wait.... THATS CAUSE YOU WERE BEHIND ME! :D

P.S. The XR70 I did see you ride doesn't count. :D


[ September 29, 2002, 03:23 PM: Message edited by: Fryboy ]

P.S. The XR70 I did see you ride doesn't count.
Yea the XR70 “camp fire ring slalom” was pretty inspirational. :)

Your lucky you saw him on the xr 70.I heard it had to much power and he almost looped it. :):D

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