Enduro computer???

I need an enduro computer. What is the best buy? I really want a ICO checkmate but chaCHING! Ant Ideas? Maybe a Panogram and a watch will have to do. ---Mike

Panoram has a clock and timers right on it. Should be all you need. I really am happy with the unit. Get the billet mount to protect it.

The ICO is a enduro computer, the trail tech is a nice speedo/odo(which you can do enduros with).I bought the Panoram first then bought the ICO after a few enduros. If you can beg, borrow or steal the $450.00+ get the ICO because there is no comparision. After you program the necessary route info the ICO does it all. You have probably been to their web site and know how much they do. Sometimes you can find a deal on a used one.

I tried Panoram on my first Enduro.I don't think is is fast enough to be as Accurate as needed.(could also be me :)).I got the ICO procomp loaded up the route and it was dead on.I ended up getting third and am very happy with it.It can also be used as a odometer and speedo.It was $299 and i worth it to me.

Watch Dog 2000 from www.dugasengineering.com has high praise from long time enduro racers also - $275. I've been looking as well. This one seems to be a winner for the price! :)


ICO Pro Comp... like cheating. I'd like to have a Checkmate,

but the PC is a great unit.


I have a Procomp and a Checkmate, I won the Checkmate in a drawing. I love my procomp and still use it, depending on which bike I'm racing. The Procomp is great unit!

I've got the Pacemaker3 computer.. My brother and I both have them, we program one unit and then transfer the speed changes to the other on through the infared dataport. When we race together it saves a lot of time... This computers are easy to use once you understand how to get through the menu, I think it took me a couple of days to get it... They are VERY accurate and have many different modes from dualsporting to FIM rules and AMA. ICO's are great also, you'll probably find that most pros who use computers have an ICO on their bike...


Good Luck,

Dan :)

I still need to get my scott's damper and a Enduro computer. The first enduro here is April 15. I am not going to hit that one. The next is in June. I am going to hi all the rest. Maybe I should just get the Scott's and hold off untill May for the comp and get a good one. I have been eyeballing the ICO ones and the watch dog. I do not like the Idea the watchdog wants $100 for a software upgrade (for older ones) What will that mean in the future? I guess what I would ask is: I sthe ProComp as easy to use as the Checkmate? Do you get lost scrolling the display? How about the others? I like the Pacemake but it is as much as the Checkmate and looks like it functions like the watchdog? What about the Moose computer I havve heard of? Thanks guys! ---Mike


I find the Procomp and Checkmate very easy to program. I bought my stepson a Pacemaker years ago and that thing gave me fits, I know some guys love them. Never had any contact with the Watchdog.

I'm also going to my first enduro later this month. I think this time I will use my panoram trail tech computer and a roll chart, unless I find a really good deal on an ICO. After this enduro, I'll probably be hooked and then I'll have to drop the cash for an ICO.

Hey Merf and Rex, you guys are heading to Kachina right? Maybe we could meet down there.



I think thats a good idea to wait on puter to make sure you like the race first. I bought my Procomp before my first race and it turned out I didn't even need it, houred out at the first check, long story. Anyway that was in Sept, 94, and I still have the same unit.

I'll be at Kachina for sure, we will have to meet up down there. I'm pretty sure Merfs going to that one too.

Kachina, yea, I'll be there! :) ?

I have a PacemakerII that I'll let go for $50. It works,

SOMETIMES. Last time I had it rebuilt, it cost me around

$100. I understand there are new owners now so the rebuild

cost might be different now.

BTW, I agree with Rex... learn the roll chart/clock method

before buying a computer.


Yeah, I figured the roll chart is the best way to learn. See ya both there.


panoram is the best ...

The Panoram isn't an enduro computer.

An enduro computer allows you to program a race setup, takes

input from the front wheel, and calculates whether you're

early or late based on the programmed information.


What about Trailtech. Any good or bad expierences?


Trail Tech is the Panoram Trail Tech computer. They are good, I've had one for about a year and it has held up great. But again, it is not an enduro computer as Merf said, it is simply a speedometer/odometer/tripodometer.

Per the site the Kachina is on the 27th of April, Per the entry its on the 21st of april, 2002.

Is there anyword on the Peetz yet?


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