new bike maintenace

Here's what I did for maintenance during the first 20 hours of runtime :

April/10 New bike - Greased linkage, swingarm and steering head bearings.

Ran bike @ 40% for ten minutes, changed oil. April 8/10

Ran bike @ 80% for twenty five min. changed oil and filter April 8/10

Engine broken in.

Engine oil/filter change @ 2.5 hours - Torco T4SR 100% synthetic (2.1 hours)

Air filter cleaned @ 2.5 hours

April 24/10 Engine oil/filter changed @ 7.5 hours - Torco T4SR 100% syn. (5 hrs)

April 24/10 Air filter cleaned @ 7.5 hours

April 30/10 Fork oil (both chambers) and shock fluid replaced @ 10.2 hours

May 1/10 Air filter cleaned @ 10.2 hours

New Bridgestone M604 Int. rear tire on @ 10.2 hours.

May 11/10 Engine oil/filter changed @14.1 hours - Torco T4SR 100% syn. (6.6 hrs)

May 11/10 Throttle cleaned & cables lubed, clutch cable lubed.

May 15/10 Air filter cleaned @ 15.3 hours

May 15/10 Throttle & clutch cables lubed @15.3 hours

Filter skin removed @17.3 hours

June 2/10 Air filter cleaned @ 19.3 hours - filter skin on

June 18/10 New fork & shock springs, replaced outer chamber oil in forks @ 20.3 hours

here is what i did ride for 2 hours break in period oil change Mobil 1 0w40

20 hours ride after break in and oil change another oil change yamalube motocross oil service pack and new airfilter

at 40 hours change oil yamalube service pack new air filter chain and sprocket renthal twinwall very nice, greased steering bearings too new tires

60 hours just an oil change

80 hours new chain yamalube service pack oil oil filter and air filter

100 hours oil change yamalube, swingarm bearings greased and other greasing new iridium spark plug and repeat for the next 200 hours

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