Is there a way to identify year of bike?

Does anyone know if there is a way to identify what year yamaha made bike. I am looking at a TTR-225 for my nephew and the seller says it's a 2000 but does not have a certificate of origin on it. Says he bought it with only a bill of sale. I know I don't need one to register for ATV plates but want to be sure seller is being up front with me. Thanks for any info.

Simple. Copy down the frame number (in the steering headset of the frame) AND the engine number. Call Yamaha's customer relations number (I don't have the number 800 number at home but use the main number of 714-761-7300) and give the information you have to them. Within seconds, you should have all the information you need.

10th digit of the VIN designates the year. If it's a 2000, the

digit will be a 0. If it's a '99, it'll be "Z"

They ran out of digits in 2000 and started over with numbers.

They'd used letters before then.

I asked the same question of MXTuner a few days ago.


Thanks Merfman! Should I be leary of no "certificate of origin"? I was told I didn't need it to get ATV plates.

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