2002 WR426F Clutch pull

I have a 2002 WR426F and I am trying to find a way of lightening the clutch pull a little. I have just renewed the clutch with all new genuine parts (frictions, steels and springs, basket fingers aren’t worn or notched either) and I have fitted a new genuine cable too.

I have read somewhere on this forum that some people have re-drilled the standard lever, others have fitted a Rekluse clutch and some have used a CR250 lever to improve clutch pull / operation.

The best option for me is to fit a CR250 clutch lever, which I’m led to believe can be fitted in order to change the leverage a little, but which year of CR250 lever is required 92-03 or 04-07?

Thanks for your help.

I tried the MSR adjustable perch and lever. That worked pretty good however the clutch djustment had to be right on for it to work properly. I also used a cable made by Terrycable which also helped. I finally went to a Rekluse clutch and got rid of clutch pull entierly. That was the best thing I ever did for the bike, at least for my kind of riding.

I guess the MSR lever and perch is the one with 3 cable locations on it?

Rekluse clutch sounds good but i'm happy with the standard clutch setup. The pull could just do with being a little lighter for the type of riding here in the UK.

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