Another one's gonna bite the dust - looks like a pink slip is in my future

Well, the commandments have come down from on high and it looks like out of 60 people in my department we are going to get wacked for 14-18 heads. My guess is I'm going to be one of them - I'll find out on Oct 23/24 with a last date of employement of Oct 31. If I don't get laid off I'll be suprised. Only good thing is I should walk out the door with 6 months salary. Even if I don't get laid off it looks like the writting is on the wall and I need to find a new job in the near future as most of the type of work I do currently is being moved to Malaysia as quickly as possible.

So I'm throwing my name out as a pre-emptive strike if anybody is aware of any positions for a mechanical engineer with experience in aerospace environmental control systems, turbochargers, microturbine generators, offroad race car design, test & measurement equipment mechanical components - sheetmetal/die cast/injection mold, or some other area where I can put my education/training/experience to use. I'd like something with some field work that gets me out of the office - oil/gas, construction, mining or ? We, the wife & I, are open to any & all leads including contract/shift work. I can drag my trailer anywhere in the country and live out of it if necessary.

I graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1995 for anyone that cares. Send me a PM or e-mail if you'd like a copy of my resume.



Talked to my electrical engineer over at TRW, they just got a contract in the neighborhood of 6 Billion $$ and they are hiring all types, I was a satelite integration technician at Hughes for a few years, and my mom just retired after 35 years at TRW. TRW is a solid company with NO union crap to filter through.

Redondo Beach California (aerospace) is the location, if i were you i'd get a resume over to em really soon I cant say for sure but I just spoke to my friend today and he said things are hot over there.

Ill poke around a bit more and see if i cant get a name for you to drop.

I could use a good mechanic for my landscaping company. It sounds like you are qualified. I have a vacant mobile home out back you can stay in.

Aren't they hiring 3000 engineers down in El Segundo for that new contract? Think I read that in the Times.

I did my co-op at Garrett Turbocharges in Lomita and my first job out of Cal Poly was at AlliedSignal, er Honeywell, on 190th & Crenshaw.

I have a friend at TRW that I will be sending my resume to but any additional contacts would be most appreciated.

hsstar - do you offer a 401K? The housing stipend may make it worth while:)


NVR FNSH, I wish you the best of luck! Been there! (but with nowhere near as impressive a resume as yours!). I'm sure you will do well. :)

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I just went through that about a year ago......with your background I am sure you will land on your feet. I found that I could make a lot more money if I wanted to move, but, I have done that in the past and decided not to this time.

Good luck!!



Anything new?


We won't find out until Oct 23 or 24. Last day of employment will be Oct 31. At this point I'm almost hoping to get laid off because the way this company is going I won't be working here that much longer anyhow.



I live in York, Pa and Harley is looking for engineers. The riding is great out here and no green or red stickers.


Hope you won't need this info..........


If you were in SLO, you probably recall Strasbaugh. They aren't really busy yet, but could be looking. I have a msg in to see. I'll advise if you are interested.


Brian, that's too bad. With your education and experience you should have no problem getting another job. May have to move though. :) Stay in touch and let us know how it goes. Paul

Damn Brian...I wish you the best but please don't go. If you go that will put me at the back of the pack and it was always nice being ahead of one rider.

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