YZ450F - 2003 - Flywheel installation


I had my Trailtech +6oz FW installed by my mechanic just recently.

In future I would like to do this myself, I have purchased the FW Puller and eventually will like to trial and error other weights to best suit my riding and where I ride.


After you remove the side case, what is the gasket part number? Also, are they relatively easy to install\swap out?

I can't make it out in the Parts List I have.

Appreciate your help and suggestions.


the part # is...GASKET, CRANKCASE CO for 2003 YAMAHA YZ 450F

5TA-15451-00-00 $4.75

as for ease of installation...the r&r of the rotor is really straight forward. remove nut and washed use puller,being careful not to drop woodruf key into motor..and reverse the steps to reinstall ...ive never actually installed a weight but have seen them online..are you buying he complete rotor with weight attached or are you buying the weight plate and drilling, tapping the holes and bolting it on?..if the second route not 100% sure but, id stick to the same brand as the mounting hole spacing could vary and you may end up with a few sets of holes..lol if im way off base here someone please correct me

Thanks mate.

The weight I am using is a complete FW, from Trailech, and future changes will be same brand but a different weight.

When you say woodruf, are you talking about the 2 x allignment pins?


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