KTM/Mitsuba Starter parts! Rebuild your starter - don't buy new!

Found in this post:

...in this thread:

I have express permission from rickf(on advrider.com) to re-post here. For those too lazy to click on the links:

My 2005 KTM 525EXC starter (Mitsuba SM-14) crapped out and, being the cheap bastid I am, I took it apart to try and repair it.

What I found, besides a lot of gunk, was that the brushes were worn.

I cleaned it up with contact cleaner, GENTLY cleaned the commutator with some 400 grit emery cloth then cleaned the spaces with toothpicks and more contact cleaner.

Even though the brushes were on their last legs, it worked a treat.....until today.......brushes no bueno.

Previously I've been told by the whole world that there were no rebuild parts for these starters, just throw a couple of hun at KTM for a new one!

Today, thanks to Google, I found a source (
) that has parts for the Mitsuba SM-14 as it was also used on the 97-02 Kawasaki KLF220 Bayou !

You can find the brush set ($8.96) or repair kit ($44.96) at :

Changing the brushes is maybe a 30 minute job and sure beats trashing a overwise good piece of equipment.

Remember, you are looking for parts for a Mitsuba SM-14!

Good hit!!!

Interesting, a mates 450 starter is about to crap out, its making awful noises, ill let him know about this.

This should be sticky hey?

I hate to ressurect this: But is this the same starter on my 2001 520exc? Anyone know? Cranks over extremely slow.

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