RMZ 450 for trail riding ?

I can get a good deal on 07 RMZ 450 and i was wondering if i could make it a good trail bike for cheap.

I tried the bike in open field and i can say it has awesome power and i like the handling, brakes and bike in general but i'm worried about 4 speed gearbox for trails. Its not that tight all the time but sometimes we come to places where you must ride really slow and i'm worried about long 1st gear but on the other side it has the best bottom end power of all the 4 stroke bikes i rode so it might be a good combination.

Bike is in really great shape, has all new on it and it is really awesome bike that i would really like to buy.

I would like an opinion from someone who rides it.

Is there a way to put a wide ration tranny in there?

There is no wide ratio option for this bike. Although many riders on this forum use '07's and older for nothing but trail riding. If first gear is too high then just go up a couple of teeth on the rear sprocket.

If the price is right, buy it.

Just rode the bike a little longer and i reallly liked it, power is awesome that's for sure, really great bottom end and really nice handling. I jumped few times and it really works great on jumps.

I think it will work for woods if i buy it, maybe i put a larger rear sprocket but only maybe because i might get used to long 1st gear. I'm just spoiled on EXC wide ratio trans :ride: ...

Well i'll talk to my sponsor(Dad) and propably will go for it in few days :)

The 07 works great in the woods. I went up to a 51 tooth in the back and it made first gear perfect for me. Of coarse you're going to want to soften up the suspension adjustment for the trails.

I also have a KTM and have my eyes on the new RMX.

I have these aftermarket parts for the 07 RMZ450 in case you're interested.

Full megabomb

Moose Handguards

Works connection Skid Plate

Works connection Engine Guards 23-492

Tusk Oil filters

No toil Air filters

Ar Stainless oil filter

ProRaptor clutch lever

Milleville back tire

Aftermarket seat

I'm thinking I'll take 1/2 - 2/3 price for them. PM Me if you're interested.

u could get a rekluse auto cluch , full exhaust and that would make the rmz a much better trail bike the 4sp isnt the greatest but i make due with what i have because i love the spread of power and torque of the rmz and handling is excellent

Nice to hear that RMZ is a good bike for woods with minor mods.

I talked to my dad and he is interested, i will wait few days and i will most likely take it. Bike has Pro Taper bar, bark busters and enduro tires so i can go visit the trails right away if i get it.

I really liked the bike, what i liked the most is how confident i was when i fired it up and rode it around, i was never so confident on other bikes i tried out. I was jumping it with ease, opening the throtle and sliding in corners like i'm in car. What a great bike, real eye opener for me. I would really like to get that bike.

Oh yes tripled, i would like to get some parts from you but the problem is i'm across the sea in Europe so shiping may be a problem.

But if i get the bike i will contact you and buy some parts if you are wiling to ship because some things like skid plate are ridiculously expensive in my country.

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