Help TTer's Practical Exhaust Advise Needed

Crushed my stock header pipe on my wr426. Should I:

1) just get a stock header replacement

2) get a aftermarket header, and leave stock silencer

3) go for all new exhaust system.

any suggestions on aftermarket products

Keep price vs. added performance in mind when replying.

Thanks for your advise.

...Lots of good used aftermarket systems available on the parts forum lately...More will certainly follow as our more fortunate brethren prepare to receive their '03 WR's... :)

where do you ride blue ? my nephew and i were just up in the wolverine area this weekend.

fun fun.

There is a stock header on ebay right now. That would be the cheapest route.

XR600: I live in the Kalkaska area - plenty of riding around here. Heard wolverine is real good too. I have relatives in St. Johns - actually I lived there when I was 1. Relatives own Smith Oil Company, know them?

NORCAL: Just missed getting in on that bid, thanks though.

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